is a project of mutual collaboration in support of music and multimedia
especially for those of us who are not millionaires: has collaborated with

Mayamiko Trust, Ravenheart Music, SuperMix Sound and Lighting, St. Dunstan's School Glastonbury, Nya, Sakara, Paul Hughes, Apparition, Hatty and Oz, Depth Charge, Swampgrass, Russell Webb,
Pete Kiddle, Glastonbury Drums, Slaves of The Extraordinary, UKID, Will Khan, Digger's Delight Cafe, Prism Dynamics, Samantha Maclaren, James Findlay,
New Ocean, Amy Dearlove, Desmond's Dawn and James Sayer...

The studio "FractalSoup SoundLab"
is the heart of the project


© 2016

Background by Prism Dynamics